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Dec 21

Benefits of CyberKnife

Benefits of CyberKnife At Alaska CyberKnife Center, we have one mission above all else: to help you beat cancer and live a joyful, healthy, and fulfilling life. We know that the news of a cancer diagnosis can be shocking, and it’s easy to get lost in confusion and doubts about the future, but trust us: Read More

Nov 21

Lung Cancer Awareness

Alaska Celebrates Lung Cancer Awareness Month Although you see pink throughout the month of October as individuals and groups try to bring more awareness of breast cancer, November is the awareness month for the type of cancer that is, by far, the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women. Lung cancer accounts Read More

Oct 21

Breast Cancer Awareness

Advances In Breast Cancer Treatments Give Hope During Breast Cancer Awareness Month During the month of October, cancer organizations as well as health care facilities, festivals, and local and national sports teams promote breast cancer awareness in communities throughout Anchorage. Although breast cancer is still the second most common type of cancer for women in Read More

Oct 6

Stereotactic Radiation Potential Emerges In Prostate Cancer

Stereotactic Radiation Potential Emerges In Prostate Cancer With widespread use of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening, a majority of newly diagnosed prostate cancers are confined to the organ and are typically treated with radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy. An emerging radiotherapy option is stereotactic ablative radiosurgery (SABR), also called stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), in which multiple- Read More

Aug 26

Metastatic Cancer

What You Need To Know About Metastatic Cancer Many people do not realize that cancer can spread throughout the body from where it originates. That’s why it is such a dangerous disease. One tiny cancerous cell can rapidly multiply to form a larger tumor, and then can travel to other parts of the body like Read More

Aug 21

CyberKnife Prostate Cancer Treatment

Effective Prostate Cancer Treatment Available In Anchorage Chances are, you won’t find discussions of prostate cancer among most groups of men. Although the disease claims more than 32,000 lives in the U.S. each year, it’s still one of the least talked about cancers. That’s unfortunate, because knowing the symptoms and treatments for prostate cancer could Read More

Jul 28

Sarcoma Awareness Week

It may be a type of cancer that you have not heard of, but for the over 50,000 people of all ages who are currently struggling with some type of sarcoma, it is very real. That is why foundations and organizations in the United States and Europe dedicated to eliminating sarcoma have designated July 4-10 Read More

Jul 21

CyberKnife vs. TrueBeam

The race to develop a more effective radiation treatment system is never-ending. New systems and techniques are developed regularly to treat a variety of cancers, which is great news for cancer patients. Two of the most effective stereotactic radiation therapy systems (SBRT) out there today are the Cyberknife Robotic Radiosurgery System and the TrueBeam radiotherapy Read More

Jun 17

CyberKnife Effectively Treats Brain Cancer Without Surgery

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with brain cancer, it doesn’t have to be the scariest thing you’ve ever experienced. Knowing the facts about brain tumors and knowing that there are several successful treatment options out there can bring you a little more peace of mind. Of the more than 77,500 people Read More

Jun 5

Celebrate Anchorage Cancer Survivors In June

There is one day in June when every person in the Anchorage area should rejoice and celebrate life. June 5 is National Cancer Survivor’s Day and the doctors and staff at Alaska CyberKnife Center at Providence Cancer Center will join millions of people around the world to acknowledge those who have endured the dreaded disease Read More

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