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Patients From Across Alaska

"The folks at Alaska CyberKnife are AWESOME! I just went through treatment for a lung cancer tumor and each and everyone there were not only professional but friendly and caring!"

— Jody M. (Facebook Review)

"So thankful to Dr. Halligan for taking such good care of me through my cancer journey. He's a brilliant radiologist oncologist, but also cares about his patients far after his services are needed. I'm grateful for his continued help with other medical issues that have come up. Thank you for everything!"

— Stephanie W. (Facebook Review)

"My father-in-law went through an unbelievable 8 year fight with cancer. There were times Dr Halligan would come in on his weekend just for us, and we were continually blown away by how much he actually cared. He gave us his personal cell phone so we could call him for anything. John was amazing, I highly recommend them and the Cyberknife to anyone who needs cancer treatment."

— Jake L. (Facebook Review)

"The Cyberknife doctors are top notch and the procedure was lifesaving. Amazing."

— Sharon T. (Facebook Review)

"Such a positive experience. All of their caring and concerns and positive experiences helped me through a dark time .... I feel very fortunate to have them on my team fighting this awful disease. Thank you."

— Lucy C. (Facebook Review)

"The doctors and staff of Alaska CyberKnife Center are absolutely fantastic. They literally saved my life painlessly and with great care. I am so glad they are here in Alaska and don't think there is a better group of doctors and staff anywhere in the world. Not only are there extremely knowledgeable and caring but very good looking too. My name is Jay and I am from Nome Alaska and I am using my granddaughter's Facebook account."

— Ashley C. (Facebook Review)

"I would, without a doubt recommend the doctors at Alaska CyberKnife Center and AOA. Through my extensive research, AOA has the most advanced technology in Alaska. Now I don't have to go out of state away from my home for my medical care. I can have the best care with a friendly and caring staff. It is so important to take control of your health situation. Everyone is different, but get the best care you can for yourself and select the right doctors/facilities that will do the best for you. Do not settle for what is convenient for you. It can be a life or death situation. You owe it to yourself and your family to search for the best."

— Sg GS (Google Review)

"A very nice center with very helpful doctors."

— Andressa Z. (Google Review)

"Beautiful center, top-notch equipment, outstanding physicians and staff."

— Denise G. (Google Review)

"They took care of our patient in a timely manner and were very accommodating of his travel and scheduling needs! They provided our patient with excellent care."

— Heidi K. (Google Review)

"Very relaxed atmosphere. No side effects or sensation. Everyone very nice. Better than expected results."

— Joshua B. (Google Review)

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