“I felt very fortunate and very happy that I did my session with Cyberknife. All the people from Ramona at the front to Dr. Magnuson and especially Kristi the therapist, EVERYONE; I felt the care, concern and respect (especially Kristi) and I felt loved. I was nervous for my first session at Cyberknife, but those fears went away. After that I looked forward to my treatment. I am very thankful for everyone. I was emotional my last day and just so thankful for my team as I trusted my life to them.”

— Remedios – Anchorage (via Facebook)

"Looking forward to many more trips and softball games, thanks to the quick and successful CyberKnife procedure in Anchorage, removing cancer cells from my prostate. I would recommend this procedure to anyone with similar issues."

— Ray B. – Mat-Su (via Facebook)

“My oncologist recommended Dr. Magnuson and his team, and I am truly thankful she did. Dr. Magnuson and his team are amazing! I was nervous about this treatment because I would have to wear a mask over my face to minimize movement. I am a little claustrophobic. With the help of some of the awesome staff who played music of my choosing during my treatments, I breezed right through them! It was relatively quick and completely painless. You can tell they really care about you and that makes going to treatment a lot easier. Thank you all for everything.”

— Maureen L. – Fairbanks (via Facebook)

“My overall experience was very easy, I expected pain and side effects. The Cyberknife was the exact opposite. It was fast and accurate. It followed my breathing rhythm.”

— Rigo A. – Anchorage (via Facebook)

“Alaska CyberKnife is a top-notch facility. The highly professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff deliver every time. From intake through treatment, I felt listened to and taken care of during a difficult time in my life. I highly recommend this care center.”

— Margaret S. – Anchorage (via Facebook)

“I would give more stars if I could! The staff is so friendly. Dr. Magnuson explained the procedure clearly and in-depth. He encouraged questions and was also quick to respond to them via phone or email. I received four 30-minute CyberKnife sessions for Stage 1 non-small cell lung cancer. They were non-invasive and painless (I took naps!). CyberKnife was a miracle for me. Do not hesitate to see if this option will work for you or someone you know and love.”

— Jamie L. Berge (via Google)

“I went here for treatment in December 2018 for a tumor in my liver that chemo did not remove and the treatment was fabulous. I worked with Dr. Magnuson and under his plan I did 5 treatments each about 45 minutes long and did not have the typical side effects from radiation. It was simple, easy to do, with no side effects. My scan in February had was great no signs of the tumor and I would highly recommend this type of treatment to anyone.”

— Doris Tronstad (via Google)

“As a recent patient of the Alaska CyberKnife Center, I can tell you its an excellent facility. The staff are very nice and Dr. Magnuson made me feel very comfortable while I was treated for prostate cancer. I would and WILL recommend anyone that has the unfortunate diagnosis of CANCER to contact them and see how they can help you with your difficult decisions.”

— Jim Dorscher (via Google)

“The Staff at Providence Alaska CyberKnife Center we’re extremely professional. Appointments were timely an always on time. I was truly grateful for the professionalism and knowledge of Dr. Magnuson, as well as his careful planning for my procedure. I left with the feeling that “ Success was their only option!” attitude. That confidence always helps patients leave with a positive attitude!”

— R. Langseth – Valdez, AK (via Google)

"Very relaxed atmosphere. No side effects or sensation. Everyone very nice. Better than expected results."

— Joshua Barro (via Google)

"I can't say enough good things about this practice. Their attention to detail and customer service while assisting me in navigating this process was amazing."

— Rachel Witt (via Google)

"They took care of our patient in a timely manner and were very accommodating of his travel and scheduling needs! They provided our patient with excellent care."

— Heidi Koski (via Google)

"I would, without a doubt recommend the doctors at Alaska CyberKnife Center and AOA. Through my extensive research, AOA has the most advanced technology in Alaska. Now I don't have to go out of state away from my home for my medical care. I can have the best care with a friendly and caring staff. It is so important to take control of your health situation. Everyone is different, but get the best care you can for yourself and select the right doctors/facilities that will do the best for you. Do not settle for what is convenient for you. It can be a life or death situation. You owe it to yourself and your family to search for the best."

— S.G. (via Google)

"Beautiful center, top-notch equipment, outstanding physicians and staff."

— Denise Gerlach (via Google)

"A very nice center with very helpful doctors."

— Andressa Zaccari (via Google)
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