Your liver is one of the most important internal organs in your body. Its roles are numerous, because it both breaks down and prepares food for internal use and cleanses our blood of toxins, including the by-products of your regular metabolism. This means that when it becomes unhealthy, a number of your body’s methods for receiving nourishment and keeping itself healthy are compromised.


The body can be affected by liver cancer in a couple of ways. Primary liver cancer occurs when cancer develops in the liver itself. Secondary liver cancer occurs when the tumor started in another part of the body and then spreads to the liver.

Most liver cancer is secondary, meaning that it has metastasized (or spread) to the liver. Remember, tumors can be:

  • BENIGN – These non-cancerous tumors sometimes need to be removed due to other health considerations, but they are generally not life-threatening.
  • MALIGNANT – Cancerous tumors that can metastasize to other organs as well.


The Alaska CyberKnife center is your go-to resource for Anchorage liver cancer treatment. Our staff is ready to work with patients to create treatment plans, educate family members, and move forward in their fight against liver cancer. Each cancer patient is different, which is why your treatment starts with a consultation that reviews your case, and we create a multi-disciplinary treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.  This approach is designed to find the right therapies and follow-up to give you the best possible outcomes for your treatment.

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