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Patients and family members of those with liver cancer often have questions about what to do after diagnosis and what their diagnoses mean. When you or someone you love is looking for Anchorage Liver Cancer Treatment, Alaska CyberKnife Center seeks to be your Anchorage cancer center. That’s why we have taken the time to answer a variety of the questions we see most frequently here.

Can a Person Live Without a Liver?

No. The liver stores nutrients your body needs and converts them to a form that you can use internally. It produces albumin as well, which helps you balance your bodily fluids and purges the body of poisons.

Who Gets Liver Cancer?

It is predicted that there will be approximately 40,000 new cases of liver cancer each year. It is more common in some other areas of the world (especially Africa and Asia) than the United States.

Should Everyone Get a Second Opinion For Liver Cancer?

There are some people who believe that every serious diagnosis like cancer needs to have a second opinion due to the life-changing nature of both the diagnosis and treatment options. In reality, it is a matter of personal preference, but you should definitely go for a second opinion if:

  • You are uncomfortable with the diagnosis or the way it was arrived at
  • Your diagnosis is one of the rarer forms of cancer
  • You were not diagnosed by a cancer expert.

Often, finding a second opinion also gives you access to more treatment options than you would otherwise be given the option to pursue. If you are looking for a second opinion on your liver cancer diagnosis, contact us today.

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