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When bladder cancer is detected early, it may allow Anchorage cancer center doctors to treat the condition more effectively. The disease is most often detected through screening of high risk patients and as a result of patients seeking regular treatment for their symptoms.


Patients who have a chance of developing an illness may be screened for the condition. This is done by using exams and tests to determine if a person has a disease, even though they currently may not have any symptoms. No major professional medical organizations currently recommend routine screening in the general population because it has not been shown to reduce the risk of death from bladder cancer for those without an increased risk.

However, those with a greater-than-average risk can benefit from screening, including those who have a family history of bladder cancer, patients who have bladder birth defects and those who have had the condition before. People who have been exposed to chemicals in the workplace may also have an increased risk.

Common Symptoms

More often than not, bladder cancer is identified after a concerned patient approaches his or her doctor due to troubling symptoms. Common symptoms of the condition include:

  •    Blood in the urine
  •    Irritated bladder
  •    Pain or burning during urination
  •    Urinating more often
  •    Trouble urinating or a weak stream

When bladder cancer becomes advanced, it may also cause lower back pain, swelling in the feet, and loss of appetite. Although these symptoms can have many less serious causes, patients should seek the opinion of a medical professional as soon as possible to rule out bladder cancer.


Getting the proper Anchorage bladder cancer treatment can make a large difference in a patient’s quality of life and overall outcome. Surgical removal of cancer is often coupled with other therapies to ensure that the cancer is completely eradicated. These additional therapies include:

  •    Radiation therapy
  •    Chemotherapy
  •    Intravesical therapy
  •    Immunotherapy

You will work closely with the doctors of your cancer care team to determine which treatments will be most effective and how to proceed. You should always consider each treatment option as well as their individual benefits, risks and side effects. To learn more about CyberKnife targeted radiation therapy, contact our office at 907-312-2112.

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