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As an Anchorage bladder cancer treatment center, we are dedicated to helping our patients learn as much about their conditions and options as possible. Learn the answers to the following frequently asked questions before you meet with your urologist and oncologist regarding treatment for your bladder cancer.

I have bladder cancer. What is it?

Bladder cancer occurs when the cells that make up the lining of the bladder begin to experience uncontrolled growth. The most common form of bladder cancer is urothelial carcinoma. All types of bladder cancer included, the condition affects more than 73,000 new people and claims the lives of around 15,000 people annually in the United States.  

How Is bladder cancer diagnosed?

To diagnose bladder cancer, a doctor must first perform a variety of tests and imaging scans. This includes blood work, urine analysis, ultrasounds, MRIs and CTs. In most cases, a urologist will perform a cystoscopy, which allows him or her to use a camera and view the inside tissues of the bladder. If necessary, the doctor will take small samples of tissue to be tested for cancer identification in the lab.

What symptoms point to bladder cancer?

Many of the symptoms associated with bladder cancer are also associated with other less serious conditions. The most common symptoms include blood in the urine, irritation and frequency of urination, urgency, and pain in the lower back or pelvis. It is important to seek the care of physician if you develop any of these symptoms.

Are there support groups I can attend for people with bladder cancer?

You can find a bladder cancer support group in most cities across the United States. Visit to find a location and time near you. There are also numerous online support groups available for the newly diagnosed, survivors and their caregivers.

What do I do if I think I have bladder cancer?

If you suspect you may have bladder cancer, talk to your doctor without delay. Early detection can allow your Anchorage cancer center to treat the condition more effectively. To learn more about our treatments, contact our office at 907-312-2112.

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