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The common symptoms of head and neck cancers can be difficult to attribute to the disease because they mirror the symptoms of many common maladies. Still, it can be helpful to be on the lookout for these common medical conditions:

  •    White or red patches appearing in the mouth
  •    Double vision
  •    Difficulty breathing
  •    Swelling or sore that does not heal (leading symptom found)
  •    Lump or mass in the head or neck (may or may not be painful)
  •    Foul mouth odor not attributed to dental hygiene
  •    Persistent sore throat
  •    Ill-fitting dentures
  •    Hard time swallowing, chewing or moving the tongue or jaw
  •    Changes in voice such as hoarseness
  •    Persistent nasal congestion
  •    Nasal discharge or frequent nose bleeds
  •    Weakness or numbness felt in head or neck areas
  •    Blood apparent in phlegm or saliva
  •    Fatigue
  •    Unexplained weight loss
  •    Pain in the ear and/or jaw

Making a Diagnosis

Again, many of these symptoms can be caused by non-cancerous medical conditions. However, if you notice any of them have persisted for a long time or don’t seem to be improving, it might be time to contact your doctor. Head and neck cancers may be completely treatable if found quickly, and an early diagnosis increases your chances of a successful cure without damaging nearby organs.

Treatment Options

At our Anchorage cancer center, we are equipped with the latest technology to treat your specific type of cancer. Oncologists might recommend surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, targeted therapy or a combination of approaches.

Only your doctor can determine your stage of cancer and what treatments will be the most effective in eliminating malignant growths.

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