Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

To most people, March is simply a time for hiding eggs and pigging out on chocolate bunnies – but to us, March means something special. March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, and while you may not have known about the holiday, we’re betting you’ve heard of the condition. Kidney cancer is one of the 10 most common forms of cancer for both men and women, and it’s especially common for older adults. As with all forms of cancer, the key to successful treatment is early diagnosis – and that’s why Kidney Cancer Awareness Month is so important.

About Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is a very common form of cancer, and it’s most common in adults age 64 and over. 90% of kidney cancer cases are of a type known as renal cell carcinoma. Most cases of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) develop with only a single tumor, although in some cases, two or more tumors may develop in one or both kidneys. In every case, however, earlier detection and treatment increases the chances of success – and if left untreated, RCC can cause kidney failure and eventually lead to death.

CyberKnife Treatment for Kidney Cancer

Thankfully, treatment for kidney cancer has come a long way – and CyberKnife represents the pinnacle of that progress. CyberKnife is an advanced radiation therapy cancer treatment system that combines the latest in robotics, medical imaging, and radiation therapy technology to provide a comprehensive treatment for a variety of cancers.

CyberKnife is a radiation therapy system, which means it’s both non-surgical and completely non-invasive, leaving no scars after treatment and necessitating minimal recovery time. Due to its advanced technology, CyberKnife can deliver high-dose radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy, providing an effective treatment without harming nearby tissues. And thanks to its remarkable motion tracking capabilities, patients don’t have to wear uncomfortable braces during treatment – they just lie back on the treatment table and let CyberKnife do the work.

Contact Your Anchorage, AK Cancer Treatment Center

A cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult pieces of news to get, but thanks to CyberKnife, there’s hope even for those with inoperable tumors. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, don’t wait – call us today at (907) 312-2112. We’ll give you all the information that you need about CyberKnife and help you understand if CyberKnife may be a possible treatment option for you. Or, if you’re ready to get started with treatment, just reach out to us at our contact page to schedule a consultation at our Anchorage, AK cancer treatment center. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we wish you a happy, healthy Kidney Cancer Awareness Month!

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